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Help keep your company safe and clean with PVC wall linings

PVC wall linings will be a great ally for your business as the UK comes out of lockdown and everybody adjusts to a ‘new normal’.

With businesses of all shapes and sizes set to open the new normal will consist of social distancing and encouraging people to wash their hands as regularly as possible.

Cleanliness will be key to keeping the R rate down and the virus at bay for the foreseeable future. PVC wall linings are one of the best ways you can do that within your business in a cost-effective way.

While customers will be advised to stand two meters apart and keep their hands clean as much as possible, responsibilities will also fall to businesses of all disciplines to keep their premises as clean as they can at all times.

Whether a service in the public sector or a private company, PVC wall linings can make that task easier and increase confidence amongst the people who matter to you most.

PVC wall linings are incredibly easy to wipe down and keep clean, whether you’re a retail location or a kitchen in a school or hospital.

Working in an area with exposed brickwork, cement, caulk linings and more can be a potential breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

Covering those materials on your walls with a PVC lining stops those germs and bacteria from taking root, and is incredibly easy to wipe down and keep clean.

There isn’t just one uniform PVC lining either, with many types available (such as hygienic rigid PVC cladding, fibreglass cladding, panels designed for faster installation) for specific settings and requirements.

PVC linings don’t have to be bland, either. Panels are available with different decorative foils, while certain types of sheets can have images digitally printed on them to produce stunning visual effects.

While PVC linings – like any other lining or measure – aren’t a cure for Coronavirus (or any virus for that matter), they can go a long way to helping reduce the spread of transmission and keeping your public areas clean.

This is especially true for those businesses who will still effectively be on the front lines such as hospitals, schools, warehouses, catering areas, supermarkets and many others.

The sight of PVC linings will also be appreciated by customers and workers, showing your commitment to keeping as clean as possible and putting public safety first.

Find out more about the benefits of PVC wall linings and how they can help keep your business clean by speaking to the Beplas team today.