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Hygienic Wall Linings

A comprehensive range of hygienic wall cladding products, also known as hygienic wall linings or PVC wall linings. Used in a variety of applications including commercial kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, food factories, hospitals, modular buildings and schools to name a few. With our PVC wall linings your hygienic environments will be easy to clean and maintain. You can rest assured that our products meet all current hygiene, fire and building regulations and have the certificates to prove it. We have the expertise and product range to ensure you meet the requirements of any given situation and offer the best value for money.

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Elite Komadur – Hygienic Rigid PVC Wall cladding

Elite Sterling – Hygienic Rigid PVC Wall Cladding with Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology

Elite Endurance – Hygienic Rigid PVC Wall Protection

Elite FRP – Hygienic Fibreglass Wall Cladding

Elite CE-K – Hygienic, Co-extruded PVC Cladding for uneven walls

Elite CE-M – Hygienic PVC Panels Tongue and Groove for faster installation

KomastyleDeco - PVC Panels with decorative foil

Elite Inspiration - Bespoke Images digitally printed to our range of PVC sheets