Elite Sterling PVC Sheets

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Elite Sterling PVC Sheets

PVC Cladding with active anti-microbial protection

Elite Sterling PVC with built in silver ion technology is the result of years of intensive research. In addition to the long established hygiene benefits of PVC, independent tests confirm that Elite Sterling products with active anti-microbial technology effectively eliminate harmful microorganisms within 24 hours. The antibacterial active ingredient is a silver glass matrix which provides dual biostatic and biocidal action and is 99.9% effective in  actively killing bacteria on the sheet.

Elite Sterling PVC Sheets are ideal for high care zones which must be controlled from the spread of viruses and   infections and to create the ultimate hygienic food preparation areas. The active  antimicrobial protection kills microbes; inhibits any growth and as a result leads to the added benefit of low maintenance requirements. Silver ions are incorporated into the bulk of the PVC mixture before the  extrusion process, and improve the already    existing anti-microbial activity of rigid PVC sheet. The sheet now kills a wide variety of microorganisms on contact including MRSA, E coli and Salmonella, amongst others.

Excellent resistance to most chemicals including dilute acids and alkalis, alcohols, glycols, atmospheric pollutants and most cleaning solutions.


White Satin finish with a protective film


Medical, Food Production


Class 1 BS476: Part 7


2440, 2750 and 3050mm x 1220mm x 2.5mm

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