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Wall Protection Products

Our wall protection products ensure that the investment you put in to creating your hygienic environment is not undone by an over enthusiastic forklift driver or careless warehouse operative. Our bump rails, guard rails, kerbs and bollards offer protection from all levels of risk within industrial, production, hygienic and commercial environments. Tested for impacts up to 10t we can ensure that doors, walls and personnel are safe from fork lifts, pump trucks and trolleys. All of our protection systems are manufactured from food safe materials and our unique fixing methods mean that your assets are protected in every way. Beplas have the expertise and product range to ensure you meet the requirements of any given situation and offer the best value for money.

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PVC Bump rails – Hygienic Wall Protection

Elite PVC Kerb – Hygienic Wall Protection

Sentinel – Heavy duty guard rails and bollards for wall protection

Elite Endurance– Hygienic Rigid PVC Wall Protection

Elite FRP – Hygienic Fibreglass Wall Cladding