PVC Skirting and Coving

PVC Skirting and Coving

Whether for cold rooms, clean rooms just a hygienic space, our PVC skirting and PVC coving provide the perfect barrier between walls and ceiling and walls and flooring.

The range below comprises a variety of hidden-fix skirting and coving products to provide a hygienic seal at wall-to-floor and wall-to-ceiling transitions. This means that every crease and crevice is sealed and protected.

All skirting and coving products are manufactured from food-safe PVC with uniquely flexible edges that join the wall to the floor or ceiling. It’s this flexibility that allows for increased protection and negates the need for silicone seals.

So if you’re making your environment thoroughly hygienic with our wall and ceiling products, make sure you don’t forget the finer details and ensure no stone is left unturned or crack left uncovered. See below for more product details around our hygienic pvc skirting and coving.

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