Multi-Bead Adhesive Applicator

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Multi-Bead Adhesive Applicator

Developed specifically for the wall cladding industry, Multi-Bead is a revolution in adhesive application. This unique battery-powered upright applicator can be used to fix interior and exterior plastic panelling, with minimal waste and mess; boosting productivity by as much as 60%.

Multi-Bead makes installation easy. Its innovative dispenser head allows clean and precise adhesive application across the width of the cladding panel. Using the correct settings, no adhesive spills over and none is left uncovered.

Amongst many other applications, this system is ideal for installation of hygienic wall cladding in sanitary and food preparation areas, laboratories and clean rooms. Compared to existing adhesive systems, there is no messy clean-up and the transfer of adhesive to other surfaces is easily avoided. Dispenser nozzles are disposable and come new with each box of adhesive. The nozzles are optimised to a width of 200mm to fit the dispensing head, but can easily be masked if a narrower width spread of adhesive is required. Sachets of single-part adhesive mean no mixing and less wastage, without compromising strength. The sachets are quick and easy to load, without direct contact with the glue; leaving workspaces and operators clean. As they are used, the sachets are compressed, so that empty sachets form small discs which are easily disposed of. Better still, we have optimised the adhesive sachet size, so that one sachet will cover a standard 3m x 1.5m PVC panel. This system ensures best yields and minimal waste, and makes it easy to calculate the right amount of adhesive for the job. Increasing productivity and minimising waste, Multi-Bead is set to revolutionise the wall cladding industry.


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