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University of Winchester

The University of Winchester programmed the upgrade of 63 student en-suite showers and toilet facilities for their halls of residence through the 2014 summer vacation period over an eight-week program.

The walls were covered with tiling. The grout was difficult to clean and the tiles were showing signs of age which required regular repair. It was decided to renew areas with materials that would give long life, reduce maintenance costs and above all make it much easier for the cleaning teams to accomplish their tasks quickly and effectively.

Elite Komdaur was the chosen product. It has proven clean-ability, certified fire performance and a bespoke fixing system. The quality of the Elite Komadur panel allows it to be easily and accurately thermoformed  to create seamless internal and external corners.

The Elite Komadur panels and fixing systems were delivered over a 3 month period to enable the installation to be completed in a structure and efficient manner. Panels were stored indoors  and covered to minimise any any potential damage in the working environment. As Alan Marshall of the University of Winchester's maintenance department stated "We required split deliveries as we had little room for secure storage. Beplas's planned phased delivery and ability to deliver goods overnight was crucial to the way we managed this project"

The panels were fixed with Beplas's new full coverage Multi-bead adhesive applicator. This system enables the contractor to apply the adhesive in a clean and consistent manner. It also means that full coverage adhesion is achieved whilst wasting nothing and meeting Beplas's 20 year warranty criteria.

Complimenting the Elite PVC sheets are the trim line profiles used to seal the panel system. Two part trims were specifically developed by Beplas for ease of installation and to provide a hygienic finish.

Allowances in the order process had been made for the odd installation error but it was minimal which meant there were a number of panels left over after the completion of works. The maintenance department are currently trialling these in other areas of the University that require wall protection and a hygienic finish.

All in all this has been a very successful installation, Alan Marshall continued "We are extremely happy with the outcome of using Beplas Elite PVC systems as the solution to the wall cladding project in our continuing drive to maintain and upgrade our student facilities. Our cleaning teams are delighted with the ease of cleaning the Elite PVC system gives them in the en-suite facilities. We are looking forward to many years of low maintenance use and will certainly consider the product for future projects."