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PVC Ceiling Panels

PVC ceiling panels are similar to PVC wall panels and cladding, which are incredibly effective tools to fighting disease in the home and commercial applications.

PVC cladding and wall panels are easy to wipe down and keep clean, helping to stop mould and bacteria from cultivating in grouting or cement in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

That may not be enough to truly keep infection and disease at bay, though – especially in areas where the public expects a specific duty of care and the highest standards, such as restaurants, hospitals, care homes and other areas.

While wall panels may do a good job, your chances of keeping your home or business as clean as possible multiply significantly when they’re complemented by PVC ceiling panels and cladding.

PVC ceiling panels are especially useful in places where there’s lots of condensation building up on a regular basis, such as changing rooms in schools and leisure centres, kitchens, bathrooms in hospitals and care homes, and many other places.

PVC ceiling panels are just as easy to keep clean and wipe down as wall panels and cladding. Similar to PVC wall panels, PVC ceiling cladding and panels can stop condensation getting into wooden beams, corners and other areas where leaving it can cause rot and germs to cultivate.

PVC cladding and panels in commercial areas and public places that deliver a service can also be an effective form of advertising for you and your business. Simply having them installed shows that yours is a business that takes care of and manages its responsibilities surrounding cleanliness and hygiene, and that customers will always be safe in your hands.

You also shouldn’t worry about installing PVC ceiling cladding and panels. At Beplas, our team of experts will visit your home or place of business and install them for you, while our hygiene experts will also take time to show you the easiest and most effective ways to keep them clean.