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Meet the team - Warehouse Supervisor, Jordan Reeves

In the first of our 'meet the team' interviews, we'd like to introduce one of our longest standing team members, Warehouse Supervisor Jordan Reeves. Our warehouse team is the engine room of the company, their cohesive teamwork fuels our success and Jordan plays an integral role.

Q. What is your full name, and what role do you play within the team?

I'm Jordan Reeves and I’m the Warehouse Supervisor at Beplas. In short, my job is to make sure all warehouse operations run smoothly. From dispatching orders, to monitoring the receipt and storage of goods.

Q. Tell us a bit about your background and experience that led you to this role.

I joined the team at Beplas over 10 years ago as a warehouse assistant, fresh out of college. Since then, I have seen the company grow and have also experienced my own growth personally and professionally. Most notably progressing into this more senior role and last year buying my first house!

Q. How do you contribute to Beplas’ success?

My warehouse team contribute to Beplas' high customer service levels. The sales team count on us to turnaround a high volume of orders quickly and accurately. We dispatch orders for next day delivery at very short notice, and on occasion, when customers are caught short on site, we can have goods dispatched on a same day courier within the hour!

Q. What’s the best part of your role/ working at Beplas?

It's all about the team and the atmosphere we have in the warehouse. We're like a well-oiled packing machine. We work hard, laugh harder, and get the job done together.

Q. What is the biggest challenge that you’ve faced since joining the team?

Definitely the relocation of our old warehouse to our new distribution centre where we are now based. Managing the transfer of stock from to the new facility and planning the layout of this new space to be as efficient and well organised as possible.

Q. What is your favourite team memory?

It always feels like a little win when we’re often by visitors for having the most Marie Kondo-worthy warehouse. We take pride in keeping the warehouse as neat and tidy as possible, so it is always nice to hear others recognise this.

Q. What are some fun facts about you?

Well, I’m an Everton season ticket holder (for my sins) so outside of work you’ll normally find me at Goodison Park or on the golf course chipping away at my handicap 🥴.