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Idyllic café built in Wendover woods

Enclosed within the beautiful setting of Wendover woods is a newly built café fit for 100+ guests to enjoy a hot drink and a bite to eat after a day spent enjoying a walk or cycle through the forest.  

Frank Greszta from Minack & Co Ltd recently completed the kitchen installation at the Forestry Commission Café in Wendover Woods using Be-plas Elite Komadur PVC wall cladding sheets.

Minack & Co Ltd are a nationwide supplier and installer of hygienic wall cladding, priding themselves on exceptional quality, snag-free service with the added reassurance of long manufacturer guarantees. 

After researching a number of hygienic wall cladding suppliers, Frank found Be-plas to have a ‘great range of products’. Frank ordered sample of Hygienic PVC wall cladding sheets from a number of suppliers to compare, and found that Be-plas products were extremely competitive and great value for money.

Frank chose the Elite Komadur PVC wall cladding sheets and the Thermoformer to help create a smooth finish that he describes as a ‘maintenance free installation’.

“Using the Be-Plas Thermoformer creates a hygienic finish with no need to use silicone. This not only provides a smooth finish, but means the only maintenance involved is to wipe the sheets clean, this process can last decades! I’m always so pleased with the finished look”, Frank said.

When asked about what it was like to work with Be-plas Frank said: “From my perspective the most important thing is being timely. I always want my jobs to run smoothly and I take great pride in that. I’ve I never had to wait with Be-plas if I needed any technical information, they had it on hand and were always a quick call away, they’re a great bunch!”

Want to find out more about how Hygienic PVC wall cladding sheets can help you meet food hygiene standards? Be-plas offers a free consultation to meet your exact requirements. Contact our team today!