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How can you play paintball indoors?

Before you start imagining us playing paintball all day in the Beplas offices, we have yet to try this out. We do, however, know that our products can withstand various other substances, so why not paintballs?

What we’re really trying to get at here isn’t actually about playing paintball at all, what we’re bothered about is how easy it would be to clean up a room after a quick indoor paintball match. Just think of all that paint, dripping down the walls and finding every single nook and cranny to live in.

This is the sort of thing that makes us laugh. We laugh because we know the carnage this would bring within a room that wasn’t cladded with our hygienic cladding. With it though, and you’ll be laughing too.

Our products including hygienic wall and ceiling cladding, plus all the accessories, create a space that is sealed against everything from mould, mildew to harmful bacteria and if you wish, paint balls. It’s so easy to clean, being a smooth, wipeable surface that’s resistant against many chemicals all while protecting the walls and ceilings beneath.

So alongside our hygienic wall and ceiling options, which you can find here, here’s what else you can do to create a completely secure, cleanable environment. Whether you’re playing paintball or just ensuring a cleanable space.



Create a seal between your cladding and floor with PVC Hygienic Skirting. This means all those corners where dirt and substances can gather and harmful organisms grow, are protected and covered. Its flexible edges make the seal even more secure, plus with hidden fixings, there’s no added nooks and crannies to hide dirt, dust or even paint.

Find out more here.



Don’t forget about the nooks and crannies up above too. Our Hygienic PVC Coving, again with flexible edges and hidden fixings, fit tightly to the wall and ceiling, sealing against substances, dirt and moisture.

Find out more here.



Our Express Windows or Vision Panels are available in single glazed, double glazed and laminated safety glass, all with impressive sealing technology. So, if playing paintball inside is what you want, others will be able to watch from outside, knowing full well they’re protected from any droplets.

Find out more here.



Don’t forget about the doors, after all you’ll want to escape if the paint-balling gets out of hand. Our doors work in conjunction with our composite panels. They provide your space with a hygienic office style door that is easy to clean and is designed to prevent any harmful substances from forming.

Find out more here.