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Elite Komadur PVC wall cladding could help food preparation areas stay virus-free

Elite Komadur PVC wall cladding is one of the best-selling cladding solutions for a reason.

When it comes to PVC wall cladding, the Elite Komadur range is rigid, is available in more than 30 colours to help it mix in with the overall aesthetic of your work environment, comes in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses, and comes with an enormous range of accessories.

Probably the biggest benefit of Elite Komadur PVC wall cladding though – and part of the reason why it’s considered to be one of the most popular cladding solutions on the market – is how well it can help keep professional workspaces clean and hygienic.

Elite Komadur PVC wall cladding will be an especially strong ally for large and small businesses in the food and hospitality sectors in UK in the New Year and beyond, in the fight against Coronavirus.

The hope is that life will begin to get back to normal in the UK pending a successful deployment of vaccines, with many leading MPs in parliament believing restrictions – if any – could be minimal by Easter 2021.

With that in mind, Elite Komadur cladding fitted throughout your restaurant, warehouse, hospitality venue, factory or other premises where food is handled can go a long way to helping reduce potential virus transmission and instilling confidence amongst consumers.

Elite Komadur PVC cladding, once installed, is not only attractive but incredibly easy to wipe down and keep clean throughout the day and when shifts have finished.

Built specifically with hygiene in mind, Elite Komadur wall cladding is far easier to keep clean than exposed brickwork or concrete. Bacteria can’t attach to it, fester and grow, which can help vastly reduce the spread of viruses as part of a wider cleaning strategy for your brand.

This is especially important in food preparation areas and large venues that handle foodstuffs on a daily basis. Customers who can see how seriously you’re taking cleanliness when it comes to food preparation, too, will appreciate your hard work and tell their friends.

Elite Komadur cladding is incredibly easy to wipe down in the event of a spillage – combined with ceiling linings, PVC skirtings and covings, you can visibly show the people that matter to you most how  seriously you take their health and how clean you keep your premises, throughout 2021 and beyond.

Contact the Beplas team today to find out more about Elite Komadur PVC wall cladding and how it could help keep your business premises clean.