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Composite Panels

Composite panels are an extremely useful ally for businesses to have in the fight against disease. Composite panels can be used very effectively across a number of different industries where health and hygiene are paramount, such as in warehouses, in the catering industry, in hospitality and many other professions.

But how do composite panels help service-led and people-facing businesses to keep their health and hygiene standards high? Simple; also known as ‘sandwich panels’, composite walls have an insulated core between two plastic facings.

That insulated core is key to stopping heat and cold transmission, allowing explicit temperature control in food preparation and cold storage areas, while their plastic coverings are easy to wipe down and keep clean, stopping bacteria spreading and growing.

Panels are lightweight, and aren’t used only for indoor applications. They can be used for external builds, too, and can even be used in roof construction. Panel walls aren’t only available in plastic; panels are also available with metal exteriors for added durability.

Insulation is a key part of the panels’ performance, but some worry that composite structures could pose something of a fire risk. PIR composite panels go a long way to helping negate that worry – something highlighted in Tenos’ The Performance of PIR Core Sandwich Panels in Real Fire Situations report.

The 2016 report praised the performance of PIR composite panels in numerous real fire situations, and how highly they performed in some real case studies across the UK. PIR’s heavily-linked synthetic material composed of ring-like structures not just provide panels with incredible stability, but also provide it with natural, superior thermal resistance.

While PIR panels are on hand to provide peace of mind when it comes to any potential fire hazards in the workplace, an overall approach to your business using sandwich panels will go a long way to not just helping you keep health and hygiene standards high in-house, but also help to keep your customers safe and happy, too.