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AE Tuition school

Our Elite Komadur PVC sheets and accessories were fitted in an AE Tuition school for 8-11 years old children.

The large footfall of children and parents started to take its toll on the plastered and painted walls. Installer Mick Connolly from Adamson Construction stated: “There were marks all the way up and down the corridors and in the classrooms; it was forever being re-painted”. Mick continued, “we needed something that was easy to clean every day”.

The installation process “was so quick”, saving the school thousands of pounds by using the Be-plas Multi-Bead Adhesive Applicator. This unique battery-powered upright applicator can be used to fix interior and exterior plastic panelling with minimal waste and mess - boosting productivity by as much as 60%. Take a look at our video here.

Elite PVC sheets, 2-part trims and corners were installed across 14 classrooms, reception areas and the corridors of the large school in Slough. “This is almost maintenance free, you just have to give them a quick wipe”. The ongoing maintenance of the school has been transformed for the staff - “Everyone is so pleased with it, the caretaker and cleaners are over the moon with it because it makes it look so much brighter and smarter, it’s brilliant!”

Elite PVC sheets offer a cost effective and versatile hygienic wall covering for a wide variety of environments. A selection of warm pastel options are available to complement existing colour schemes, particularly in more public areas. Find out more here.