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Aluminium tread plates

Stainless steel sheets

Stainless steel division bars & capping

Nylon buffalo bolts, nuts washers & covers

Steel ceiling suspension kits (standard & inverted)

White steel flashings, channels, angles etc

White aluminium pop rivets

Clear polycarbonate sheets

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Talking Windows

Be-Plas Elite PVC windows can now be fitted with melaphone if required. Melaphones are specifically designed to allow sterile communication with a high degree of vision and safety. There is no thru-air flow, therefore, no transmission of germs, draughts or dust. Speech is transmitted through a transparent diaphragm which also gives protection against noxious sprays. Ask for more details.

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Have you ever seen a rhino charge through a wall?

Well, neither have we. But we’re fairly confident that our hygienic cladding and other products could stand up to a charging rhino. Obviously we would never try this, it wouldn’t be fair to the rhino after all, and so we can only guess at what else our cladding could withstand. From our experience in different industries and a whole range of exciting environments, perhaps a more realistic situation would be challenging our products to withstand an angry chef wielding a frying pan, or…

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