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The Multi-Bead Adhesive Applicator has been developed specifically for the wall cladding industry, Multi-Bead is a revolution in adhesive application. This unique battery-powered upright applicator can be used to fix interior and exterior plastic panelling, with minimal waste and mess; boosting productivity by as much as 60%. Multi-Bead makes installation easy. Its innovative dispenser head allows clean and precise adhesive application across the width of the cladding panel. Using the correct settings, no adhesive spills over and none is left uncovered.

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Another Angle on FRP

For customers that prefer to use matching FRP Angles on Elite FRP Panel installations we now offer Moulded FRP Angles. Elite 3m long 50x50mm and 75x75mm Inside and Outside FRP Angles are available in both Smooth and Embossed Surface Finish. In Class 1/0 Fire Rating. Please ask for more information.

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Talking Windows

Be-Plas Elite PVC windows can now be fitted with melaphone if required. Melaphones are specifically designed to allow sterile communication with a high degree of vision and safety. There is no thru-air flow, therefore, no transmission of germs, draughts or dust. Speech is transmitted through a transparent diaphragm which also gives protection against noxious sprays. Ask for more details.

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